Toxic Behaviour & Punishment.

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Toxic Behaviour & Punishment.

Post by WontonGod » Tue May 22, 2018 3:47 am

As many of you know we now have a Ban Appeal section and have promised to deal with general toxicity within the community. Many past wipes have been filled with people trying to ruin the experience for others and we're taking steps to fix this issue! We're implementing a strike system that will result in permanent bans for toxic players should they disrupt the community enough to earn it. Should a player earn themselves a strike it'll be recorded by the admin team and kept permanently. Each strike adds up to a higher level of punishment for the offending player, eventually resulting in a permanent ban from SG if they get themselves enough.

1st strike - Warning.
2nd strike - Two day ban.
3rd stike - Week ban.
4th strike - Permanent ban, chance of appeal.

If a player is unbanned after 4 strikes and given another chance, any strikes they receive after that will result in a permanent ban without chance of appeal until the next wipe.

What sort of behaviour warrants a strike?
Generally toxic behaviour will get you a strike from an admin, it's up to them to decide if someone has earned it. Everything from purposefully trying to grime people for the sake of it to flaming other players and the like. If a player is intentionally doing something that ruins the experience for other people they will be given one. Strikes will not be handed out just because you've annoyed someone, they'll be handed out if the admin team is in agreement as to whether or not a player has done something to earn it. You must break the rules in order to get one so the strikes are not based on anything else.

Here are some examples of what will earn a strike:
Flaming other players in LOOC: As simple as it sounds, if someone uses LOOC to insult and or flame other players they'll be given a strike. It doesn't matter if you're upset over a ruling or situation, keep things civil.
Flaming/Insulting admins: DIrectly flaming or insulting admins will result in a strike, whether they're ruling your fight or not.
Metagaming information so that you can kill another player: Metagaming of information is not tolerated, especially when a player uses it to heighten their chances of killing someone they don't like OOCly.
Lying to an admin: This is straightforward, lying to admins isn't allowed. We find out everything anyway so there's no point doing it to yourself, so don't.
Logging out to avoid an unfavourable situation: If you are in a situation that is going south and you disconnect to avoid the outcome you're 'logging to avoid'. This is against the rules and will earn a strike, we're not talking about legitimately having to leave and getting permission from all parties to lock the RP or disconnect, we're referring to using it solely to avoid a negative outcome for your character.

Administrator judgement & immediately bannable offences
Keep in mind that when dealing with a situation it's up to the discretion of the handling admin. This strike system does not mean a player cannot be outright banned for something if it's appropriate. If an admin deems that what you're doing requires a full ban for punishment, they are allowed to do so and you can appeal it later. There are some offenses that are outright bannable, these are things such as a staff member leaking information and abusing or a player faking screenshots of discord conversations in order to get themselves approved for something.

In summary, players who continually ruin the game for other people are no longer going to get away with it. Be a good sport, remember we're all here to have fun and don't play with a bad attitude if it means you're going to break the rules.